Printer Friendly Version THE DONATION OF THE LITERATURE TO THE UNIVERSITY IN THE BASEL, 06.03.2018. @ 7 March 2018 11:22 AM

          At the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Switzerland, the Ministry of Culture and Information donated books to the University of Basel, where Serbian language is being studied within Slavic studies. Among the donated books are the Dictionary of Serbian Language, the Normative Grammar, the Etymological Dictionary and other publications important for the studies of Serbian language.
On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the donation of books was handed over to the representatives of the University of Basel by Ambassador Sne┼żana Jankovic. On this occasion, she emphasized the readiness of our side to continue cooperation with the Slavic Seminar, assisting in various ways studying of Serbian language at the University of Basel.
On behalf of the University, the books were received by the Vice-President of the University Prof. Dr. Tomas Grob, who is also the head of the Seminar for Slavic Studies, and Dr. Ljiljana Rajnkovski, Assistant Professor for South Slavic Languages.